Who We Are

The Duke Global Health Innovation Center (Duke GHIC) is a center within Duke University, linking global health, health policy, and health innovation efforts across Duke to improve health. We partner closely with Innovations in Healthcare, a Duke-affiliated non-profit that works with 109 healthcare entrepreneurs in more than 90 countries and provides capacity-building training and consulting to healthcare systems throughout the world. Together, Innovations in Healthcare and Duke GHIC improve access to quality, affordable healthcare worldwide.


To support the scaling of healthcare delivery and policy innovations through applied research and education to improve health worldwide


To increase access to quality, affordable healthcare worldwide by scaling leading innovations

Shared Core Values

We Believe

  • Everyone deserves to thrive
  • The state of the world today is unacceptable
  • The status quo isn’t good enough to solve our challenges: the world needs innovation
  • That is why our vision is a world where innovation improves health for all


  • Something new (in local context) that has impact
  • Innovation can be…
    • a product
    • a service
    • a program
    • an enterprise


To be successful, we have to be the best in the world at:
  • To be successful, we have to be the best in the world at…
    • research and policy
    • partnerships and convening
    • education ad capacity-building

Our Vision

  • We want to partner with the world’s leading organization to solve big problems for real people
  • We want to improve health and lives through changes at the individual and population levels
  • We want to lead and catalyze health systems innovation

Learn More

Our 2024 overview document provides additional details on our work and the close collaboration between Duke GHIC and Innovations in Healthcare. (PDF, 865Kb)

We also share learnings and resources through peer-reviewed manuscripts, white papers, knowledge products, webinar series, podcasts, in-person workshops, and virtual forums, most of which can be accessed from our Programs page.

Duke GHIC is also active in training next-generation physicians and public health professionals through post-doctoral fellowships, one-on-one mentoring, internships, courses in health entrepreneurship, and opportunities for field work.