Improved Reproductive Health of Underserved Filipinos (ReachHealth Philippines)

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ReachHealth Accelerator Showcase

Improved Reproductive Health of Underserved Filipinos (ReachHealth Philippines)

Project overview

Underscoring the importance of long term sustainability and the need to build upon the emerging local innovation ecosystem in the Philippines, we partnered with RTI International and Villgro Philippines to help build and grow the ReachHealth Innovation Learning and Action Network (RILAN) with the following objectives in mind:

  • To foster both early- and late-stage innovative solutions to reduce the unmet need for family planning and teenage pregnancy in the Philippines
  • To bring together key stakeholders in the family planning value chain and discuss pertinent issues that can be addressed through cross-sector collaboration
  • To provide promising innovators with financial and non-financial resources to build and scale their family planning innovations
  • To share learning and expertise by collating and synthesizing information and ideas related to the development, content, evaluation and scale up of innovations related to family planning
  • To develop strategic partnerships to leverage further support for innovators and advance the long-term goals of the ReachHealth project at large

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  • Access to Medicine / Health
  • AI, Data, Digital Health
  • Financing, Health Policy, Regulation, Universal Health Care
  • Health Systems, Primary Care
  • Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health
  • Social Enterprise
  • Capacity Building and Education
  • Convening
  • Sourcing and scaling health innovations
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