COVID GAP Accountability Report, Issue 19

February 2, 2023: COVID GAP Accountability Report Issue 19

Key Changes and Insights Since Previous Report:

  • Chad is reporting a 0.30% daily vaccination rate (28-day average) which is an increase from 0.00% in the previous report. Chad is reporting 100% vaccination coverage of the 60+ population, which is an increase from 78.37% two weeks ago.
  • Tanzania is reporting that 68.77% of the healthcare worker population has been vaccinated which is an increase from 40.73%. Tanzania is also reporting 100% vaccination coverage of the 60+ population, an increase from 9.90% in the previous report.
  • Uganda is reporting that 100% of the 60+ population has been vaccinated, an increase from 36.19% in the previous report.
  • The number of booster doses administered per 100 people has increased slowly across all income levels as follows:
    • High income increased to 47.39 from 47.31
    • Upper middle income increased to 24.70 from 24.64
    • Lower middle income increased to 17.76 from 17.55
    • Low income increased to 3.56 from 3.29

The Duke Global Health Innovation Center is a proud partner of the COVID Global Accountability Platform (COVID GAP).  COVID GAP’s Accountability Reports highlight and analyze recent developments, track progress toward national, regional, and global targets, and identify high-priority recommendations for a more effective, efficient, and equitable pandemic response and preparedness. Drawing on data across many sources, our team tracks important measures of progress on commitments and remaining gaps, helping to hold leaders and organizations to account on these actions.